Indian industrial sector is facing huge crisis of labour shortages and rising labour costs that has hindered the growth and profitability of numerous MSME’s. This shortage of labours combined with rising raw material, quality concerns, safety issues, etc. has led to a drastic decrease in the productivity of goods and commodities. Furthermore, many industrial works require one to make repetitive tasks which can be daunting for any human. This is where automation comes to play. Automation of industries gives competitive edge that companies need to stay on top.

ACE Robotics introduces i+ Robots, a super-smart, fast and versatile synergetic pick & place robot. It can be integrated into any production domain for effective, efficient & consistent performance. They can be used in many ways depending on the automation needs of the manufacturer.

i+ Robot can effectively

  • Reduce the quality-related issues
  • Eliminate the production failure by human handling
  • Maintain stable and consistent production output
  • Resolve labour shortage issues
  • Provide safe automation solution

How will i+ Robots be useful for MSME companies?

ACE Robotics is the India’s first standalone Industrial Robot Manufacturing company, that has successfully designed, developed, built & Implemented several fully functional automated 6 axis dexterity, 360 degree rotation enabled Pick and Place robots for any Machine Tending Operation.

Our i+ Robots assist Entrepreneurs in semi automation of Machine tending operations in manufacturing & mass production processes, etc. and can perform repetitive high-speed movements with enhanced accuracy.

Presently MSME’s feel that engaging ROBOTS as a part of the automation process at their factories are highly expensive and only the bigger or larger players with the ready and necessary infrastructure could afford them. Under these circumstances, cost-effective & synergetic pick and place i+ Robots that are Smart, Fast and Reliable will be the best choice for all MSME companies. Further, i+ Robots helps in increasing the production output, minimizing quality-related issues and reducing the cost of manpower.

What makesi+ Robotsstandout

100% Indigenous Design

ACE i+ Robots are designed n developed in India tailor made to needs and requirements of Indian MSME Companies with Latest Technology n Specifications to perform any kind of Machine tending & Pick n Place Operations.

High Accuracy

ACE i+ Robots are built with an Self Teach Indigenous developed specialized Software that allows them to detect, grasp and move objects from one place to another with high accuracy.

Stable and Consistent

One of the primary benefits of an i+ Robot is its consistency as it can perform repetitive operations with ease and precision.


Unlike, many other automated MNC pick and place Robots, the i+ Robots are highly cost-effective solutions and can be easily afforded by all MSME companies with out any after sales Service Issues n long repair waiting periods.

Enhanced Process speed

ACE i+ Robots are built with articulated mechanisms with gears n drives which have been designed n developed specifically for purpose of Robotics operations with specialized Motors to tune of speed 15arch/min which tremendously improves the productivity speed as they move products through the manufacturing processes.

Applications ofi+Robots



i+ Robots are used for a wide range of assembly processes as they can accurately grab objects and place them at the allocated designation. They can easily join or affix one part to another of the item with seamless accuracy.


i+ Robots are highly versatile and are also used for packaging processes as they can handle repetitive tasks at a much faster rate with ease. They are easily able to distinguish the various sizes, shapes and colours.

Bin Picking

Our i+ Robots have an advanced vision system that allows them to be used for applications like bin picking. They can easily identify, grab and pick the right items from bins that contain random mixed things.


i+ Robots are also used for inspection applications as they can easily detect anomalies through their advanced vision system. This helps them to remove defective parts from a pile of products with relative ease.
Customer Benefits
  • Direct cost reduction on manpower
  • Reduction in rejection caused by unskilled labour
  • Flexible integration into any type of production environment
  • Easier to install
  • Lower Investment
  • Shorter Return on Investment
  • Improve overall productivity
Technical Specification
Name 6 Axis pick & place robot
Degrees of freedom 6 degrees of freedom
Maximum reach (mm) 1000 mm
Maximum payload at the wrist (kg) 1.5 kg
Repeatability (mm) 0.8/-0.8
Total equipment weight(kg) 25 kg
Easy to move system Wheel based location
System ready grippers 2 MZ15 gripper
System ready pneumatic ports 4 pneumatic ports
Key Features
  • High Speed and accuracy
  • Payload of 1.5Kg
  • 6 – Axis dexterity
  • Component pick and place, assembly or any repetitive action under our specified payload.
  • Lightweight in 30Kg segment
  • Best- in –class safety design

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